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Born and raised in rural Northern California in the 80’s. MTV was in it’s prime, Reagan ruled the polls, Hollywood was producing blockbusters, and Phil Collins went solo…


My first passion being drawing, I spent most my time recreating art. Having discovering Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, basketball, martial arts and skateboards replaced my penchant for art. Though I remember asking for John Lennon’s “Imagine”, and “Jaws 2” for my second grade birthday, it wasn’t until relocating to public high school that made me decide to pursue music.


Because Roger Waters penned the best Floyd songs, Sting sang in the Police, and Cliff Burton’s solo on Metallica’s debut album, I decided on bass.


Inheriting my parents record collection and exposed to my sisters preference for G-funk West Coast rap, I began studying with Steve Hoffman, upright bass performer for several symphonies. Steve introduced me to the worlds of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Rush, King’s X, Yes, Charles Mingus, Rufus Reid, Michael Manring, Steve Morse, Stanley Clarke, and not least of all, J.S. Bach. At his suggestion, I then studied jazz improv with Bennett Friedman at college.


During college, I'd always maintained working with bands, pursuing my own music, but also being “Yes-Man” for any number of Top-40 cover bands, tribute bands, and original bands. Music took a peculiar direction when suggested for Mercyful Fate tribute band, Hail Satan. Here, supporting Will Carrol’s unique style of drumming, I was recruited by Exhumed’s Matt Harvey for side project, Scarecrow. Now indoctrinated into the culture of heavy metal, I caught the attention of Ted Aguilar, who recommended me as replacement to original DA bassist, Dennis Pepa. From there, it's been a blur of blazing heavy metal...

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